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At a teacher/parents conference, a six year old boy's behavior is discussed in detail. Teachers voiced their concerns of his inattention exhibited by procrastinating in beginning tasks and activities, and the inability to concentrate on them when he did begin them. In addition they found his hyperactivity to be distracting to classroom instruction as he talked excessively, squirmed in his seat and got up to walk around at the wrong times. He also initiated conversations at inappropriate times and had difficulty delaying responses and waiting his turn. He was later labeled as having ADHD.

According to the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD is on the rise, with one in ten children now given a diagnosis. But what is a proactive parent to do when their child is given this life changing diagnosis? Many are finding success with a highly effective approach which combines behavioral therapies and medications. One such medication is Adderall, a stimulant, and has been used with promising results of improved attention span, behavior, self control, fine motor control and social functioning. Taken once a day, the medication is slowly released into the body over an eight to twelve hour period.

A visit to the pediatrician or family doctor may help parents obtain Adderall after an exam concludes the diagnosis. This medication is also easily bought at several online sources hanging the "Adderall for Sale" sign is their virtual windows.

But as with all medications and the convenience of Adderall for sale, there are also harmful effects to be had. There is growing concern that these "medications" are being abused and later causing dependency from the abuser. Some college students and young adults are obtaining the substance, without the official diagnosis of ADHD, and using it to get that extra edge needed to success and rise to the top of the class and/or work force. Side effects include, but not limited to, pain/burning during urination, tremors, hallucinations, muscle twitches, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, pounding heartbeats, difficulty obtaining organism, headaches, seizure, agitation, blurred vision, hair loss and impotence. Some have refereed to Adderall as the legal meth prescription with warnings of the stimulating effects lasting only 30 days before the substance must be raised to acquire the same energizing effect.

So what solutions can be implemented to ensure the correct usage of Adderall for the benefit of managing ADHD and the deterrent of abuse? Balancing the use through encouraging health professionals and family members to be fully involved with treatment and watching for dependence signs may be start. Another option is to educate potential abusers of the harmful side effects and aiding them to deal with stresses in more safe and effective ways.